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Posted on 07-05-2017

Chiropractic Care in San Antonio for a Twisted Ankle

Ankle injuries are common and you might know one person who has experienced injury from a twisted ankle, but if that ankle becomes swollen, red and bruised afterward, it is likely that you have a sprained ankle. While not all twists and sprains are serious, they certainly can become so if you leave these conditions untreated.

ankle pain

Ankle injuries occur when the ligaments in the region become strained past typical motion ranges, and if the ligament tears, it’s then considered a severe sprain and you should seek immediate care. Failure to do so can lead to loss of joint mobility and premature arthritis while leaving you more susceptible to future ankle injuries.

Treatment for a Twisted Ankle with Our San Antonio Chiropractor

Most people only associate chiropractic care with spinal issues, however, an experienced chiropractor can treat several other areas of the body including ankles. While it is believed that one must wait until swelling subsides to seek treatment, the best time to begin therapy is during the acute stages of the injury. Some methods we use at Dr. Phillips Chiropractic Nutrition and Wellness in San Antonio include:

Heat and Cold TherapyReduces swelling and inflammation along with pain.

Extremity AdjustmentsOur San Antonio chiropractor can perform mini-adjustments on your extremities either manually or using the Activator Technique. Both can help alleviate pain and help place your joints back into the proper position for optimal and accelerated healing.

Corrective and Strengthening ExercisesBy performing exercises that are adequate for the range of mobility in your ankle, it can reduce your downtime and increase strength to help prevent recurrences.

Stability Disks/BOSU BallsPart of your recommended chiropractic care may include the use of weights added to your exercise routine of movement. This improves balance as you recover.

We will work up a treatment plan specifically designed to suit the needs of your case.

Suffering From a Twisted Ankle? Call us Today to Schedule an Appointment!

If you’ve twisted or sprained an ankle contact Dr. Phillips Chiropractic Nutrition and Wellness in San Antonio today at 210-254-1144 to schedule a consultation concerning the benefits of chiropractic care for your condition today.

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Had me walking straight again in just a couple visits. Great staff. Will continue to use them for my care. 

San Antonio, TX

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