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Posted on 06-06-2017

Chiropractic Treatment in San Antonio for Work-related Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are the most common work-related injuries treated by our San Antonio chiropractor. Slip and fall injuries typically involve employees falling off platforms or walkways elevated above the floor, slipping on spills that were not properly cleaned or tripping over items that should have been put away.

slip and fall injury

Depending on how forcefully you slip and fall, your musculoskeletal system could be significantly impacted in many ways. For example, you could suffer spinal misalignment, a dislocated shoulder, cervical vertebrae strain or bulging disc resulting from abnormal movement of vertebrae.

Assistance with Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is insurance paid by employers to ensure employees injured due to job-related activities are provided partial pay while they recuperate. If you are injured at work due to a slip and fall accident, you must be file a claim before can receive benefits. In addition, people receiving workers compensation can be treated by a chiropractor for musculoskeletal injuries suffered as a result of performing job duties. We will be glad to help you with your worker's compensation claim throughout your treatment program.

Treatments for Slip and Fall Injuries Provided by Your San Antonio Chiropractor

Lumbar Decompression

Lumbar decompression is a noninvasive chiropractic technique that gently creates negative pressure between spinal vertebrae. Decompressing your spine allows vertebrae and intervertebral discs to return to their normal positions. This not only removes pressure off nerves comprising your central nervous system but also increases oxygen and blood flow to the spine to facilitate healing and back pain relief. Since your lower (lumbar) back vertebrae are subject to heavier loads than middle and cervical vertebrae, the need to treat this particular area of your back with lumbar decompression therapy following a slip and fall injury is essential for alleviating pain and stiffness.

Cold Laser Therapy

Drug-free and noninvasive, cold laser therapy involves targeting injured soft tissues with therapeutic levels of laser energy to stimulate cellular production of ATP, a chemical needed by cells to remain functional. Cold laser therapy provided by your San Antonio chiropractor transforms damaged cells into healthy cells that actively heal soft tissue injuries caused by slips and falls.

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Had me walking straight again in just a couple visits. Great staff. Will continue to use them for my care. 

San Antonio, TX

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