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Understanding Herniated Disc Treatment in San Antonio

Between each of the 24 articulating vertebrae in your spine are fluid filled discs that cushion your bones and protect your nerves. When a neck or back injury occurs, one or more of the discs could partially or fully tear, which is referred to as a herniated disc. The disc could bulge out of place all at once or gradually with relatively innocuous movements, like sneezing or bending. Upon developing a herniated disc, the symptoms caused by the bone-to-bone contact and nerve compression tend to start immediately. Thankfully, you can seek out herniated disc treatments from a qualified chiropractic provider upon developing the telltale symptoms.

Common Symptoms

herniated disc treatment in San Antonio As the disc moves out of alignment in the spinal column, you will feel a burst of pain. The pain may feel like it is shooting, throbbing or aching across your back. Many people also experience extreme referred pain through their limbs, depending on the location of the herniated disc. The referred pain is caused by the disc crushing the nerves, that run through your spine. Nerve compression often causes tingling and numbness along the same pain routes. You may notice that your arms, legs and back feel weaker than normal as well.

Potential Complications

The herniated disc can cause complications to develop if you do not have it treated in a timely manner. The misalignment in your spinal column can push other discs out of place or cause irreversible nerve damage. The most serious complication stemming from untreated herniated discs is compression of the cauda equina nerve bundle. If these nerves undergo prolonged compression, you may experience incontinence and other elimination problems.

Herniated Disc Treatment from Our San Antonio Chiropractor

Your chiropractor can help treat herniated discs through non-surgical spinal decompression and manual manipulation of your skeletal system. Chiropractors perform a full evaluation to determine the extent of the damage to your vertebrae, discs and nerves. You will also have imaging performed to determine if your condition warrants surgical repair. If not, your chiropractor will move on with the given treatment protocol for the location and severity of your herniated disc.

Common chiropractic treatments for herniated discs include:

  • Non-surgical spinal decompression
  • Pelvis blocking
  • Flexion-distraction

The chiropractic care treatments will release pressure on the disc in an attempt to maneuver it back into place. The release of pressure will alleviate pain caused by nerve entrapment, vertebrae contact and disc compression.

Chiropractic care should continue well after your herniated disc symptoms resolve. Ongoing spinal alignment procedures can prevent disc damage and rupture by releasing pressure caused by misaligned vertebrae. Your chiropractor will help you create an appropriate long-term care plan.   

Seeking Assistance for Spinal Pain in San Antonio

If you notice the signs and symptoms of a herniated disc, you should contact Dr. Phillips Chiropractic, Nutrition and Wellness for an evaluation and treatment. By seeking prompt care from our clinic, you minimize your time in pain and decrease the chance of developing distressing complications.

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